Do You Know That a Limited Liability Company in UK (LTD) and the USA (LLC) Has a Polish Equivalent – “spółka z o.o.”?

In terms of possibilities to run and develop business activities, Poland is an extremely attractive country for foreigners. Constantly rising earnings, the relatively stable economic and political situation, the favourable economic climate and still relatively low cost of living make the country, which until recently was mainly visited by tourists, a place currently mentioned as convenient to run a business. Additionally, the Belarusians, Ukrainians or Russians find it easy to break language barriers, and the Polish people started to appreciate the workers from the East and other countries for their reliability when performing the duties assigned.

What Are Your Benefits?

A possibility to enter a market throughout the European Union within 24 hours
A ready-made entity with NIP (Tax Identification Number), KRS number (the National Court Register), VAT and EU VAT numbers
A company business account in almost every convertible currency
A wide a wide range of activities (PKD – the Polish Classification of Business Activity) with a possibility of editing them according to the customer’s request
A flexible company agreement, tailored to the requirements.

Why Limited Liabilities Companies?

Limited partnerships, limited joint-stock partnerships, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies are the simplest and the fastest possibility to start a business activity by foreign persons who are noncitizens of the EU, the EEA countries outside the EU or the countries which are not the parties of the EEA Enlargement Agreement, and who can benefit from the freedom of establishment.

The Offer Also Includes:

The Virtual Office Services

which embrace using virtual addresses in many cities throughout the country, correspondence handling, scanning of documents and consignments

Accounting for Entrepreneurs

which is kept by extremely creative experts, open to innovative and cost-effective solutions

Worth Knowing:

Forms of Taxation

In the Polish legal system, profits made by a limited liability company are subject to double taxation – corporate income tax – CIT, and personal income tax – PIT (each according to 19% tax rate). In the first place, the income of a limited liability company is subject to corporate income tax. If the limited liability company’s profit is paid out to the members as dividends, they are obliged to additionally pay personal income tax PIT. LTD Solutions team have necessary knowledge to optimise the above forms of taxation, what will definitely let you save a lot of money.

What Should You Know About?

  • The members of a limited liability company are obliged to appoint the Company’s Management Board. The Board has to consist of at least one person who will take up a position of the Management Board President.
  • A limited liability company is a capital company – therefore, the members are obliged to provide their contribution in the share capital.
  • A minimum amount of the share capital in a limited liability company is 5000 PLN (approximately $1500).
  • A member of a limited liability company may be another limited liability company provided that it is not the only member of the newly established company.

Is It Possible to Employ Workers in a Limited Liability Company?

Of course, there is a possibility to employ workers from Poland on any terms. Limited liability companies registered on the territory of Poland can also employ workers outside the EU under specific-task contracts.

Purchase of Real Property – No Requirement to Acquire a Permit

A company whose members are foreign persons outside the EEA can acquire real property (excluding agricultural properties and lands) on the territory of Poland. Running a business activity in the form of a limited liability company exempts from the obligation to acquire a permit.

A citizen of China is the only shareholder of a limited liability company with its registered office in Poland. Despite being considered a foreigner, the citizen will be exempted from the obligation to obtain a permit to purchase real property. This is caused by the fact that the company, even if it is completely dominated by foreign capital, will be considered an entrepreneur from the EEA area, therefore, it will be exempted from the permit acquirement.

EU Gateway

Opening a company’s bank account often has the greatest meaning to a future foreign entrepreneur. It is the best possible way to enter the European Union market. Our companies have EU VAT numbers, which makes them fully entitled to conclude transactions throughout the EU. Additionally, the possibility of online banking facilitates the financial management of the company, even outside the company’s registered office. Currently, all the banks in Poland have online banking as well as a mobile platform for the account access.

No Restrictions for International Transfers

Another advantage of owing a limited liability company in Poland is a lack of quantitative and quota limits for international transfers which can be carried out in almost any convertible currency.

How to Obtain a Permanent Residence Card?

You can do it in three simple steps:

Krok I

a Company

A foreigner establishes a company with its registered office in Poland.

A foreigner is not required to appear in person because the company can be registered online.

Krok II

a Visa

As a shareholder and a member of the Management Board, a foreigner applies for a visa in order to start a business activity.

On that basis, a foreigner is allowed to arrive in Poland.

Krok III

Obtaining a Temporary
Residence Permit

If the above conditions are fulfilled, a foreigner applies for a temporary residence permit (and receives a temporary residence card).

A foreigner applies for a permanent residence permit (and receives a permanent residence card).

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