Registration of Companies

Company Registration Price List

Spółka z o.o.

1699 PLN

Spółka z o.o. Komandytowa

2999 PLN

Changes in KRS

from 350 PLN

Price includes:

  • Preparation of complete registration documentation
  • Drawing up the company agreement
  • Adjusting parameters according to the customer’s requirements
  • Submitting the complete application form at the National Court Register (KRS)
  • Monitoring the registration process
  • Delivering complete documentation to the customer
  • VAT and EU VAT numbers registration
  • Preparation of documentation for the Tax Office
  • przygotowanie dokumentacji do Urzędu Skarbowego

What Does the Company Registration Process Look Like?


Step 1

Drawing up the company agreement according to the arrangements made at the meeting

Step 2

Preparing the required registration documentation, writing resolutions, legal verification of correctness

Step 3

Registering the company at the National Court Register (KRS number)

Step 4

The assignment of NIP (Tax Identification Number), REGON number (the National Court Register), VAT and EU VAT Numbers

Step 5

The payment of civil-law actions tax (PCC)

Step 6

The entity is registered, ready to start a business activity

What Other Benefits Can You Get?


A company registration on your own usually lasts about a month. Taking advantage of our offer, you will have a ready-made company in three days.


One meeting will let you have all formalities completed and required documentation signed, which is later submitted on your behalf.

Full Cooperation

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, our professional support and advice is available at any time.


Our companies are free from any liabilities, which we can certify with complete documentation.

Free Consultation

When registering a company, you can take advantage of our free legal advice.

LTD Solutions offers comprehensive limited liability company registration service and support in establishing other commercial law companies, including joint-stock companies, limited partnerships or foundations.

You should remember that a registration of a commercial law entity is a very complicated and complex process. It requires visiting many institutions and state offices, knowledge of the registration procedure and commercial law at least in order to write a company agreement properly.

You should also remember that incomplete documents or those containing mistakes are returned each time and must be corrected or completed. If you are unfamiliar with the provisions of law, the whole registration procedure may become a several-week struggle.

With our support, all formalities will be completed rapidly and effortlessly!

Why Is It Worth Registering a Business As a Commercial Law Company?

  • A commercial law company allows you to start a business activity throughout the European Union within 24 hours,
  • A commercial law company may be used when concluding agreements or issuing invoices,
  • It is timesaving,
  • Ready-made companies (aged shelf companies) are extremely useful when requesting various subsidies,
  • Commercial law companies provide a possibility to open a bank account in almost any convertible currency,
  • They feature a wide range of activities (PKD – the Polish Classification of Business Activity) with a possibility of editing them according to the customer’s request,
  • No complicated procedures – we settle everything on your behalf,
  • Commercial law companies include a possibility of creating a flexible company agreement, tailored to the requirements.

How to Establish a Limited Liability Company in Three Days?

A company registration process is a complicated procedure. It requires professional knowledge, experience and familiarity with official procedures. A company registration process may last for three days up to three months. It all depends on whether you delegate the registration process to professionals or decide to do it on your own. Unfortunately, we often receive information from the people who chose the second option – and their applications were rejected. This is where our role starts. LTD Solutions will help you with great pleasure to cope with all complexities related to establishing a company in Poznań and other cities in Poland. We guarantee a wide range of services and comprehensive support at each stage of registering a limited liability company mentioned above or any commercial law company. By entrusting the process of establishing a company to us, you save time and money, and get 100% guarantee that all registration formalities have been completed lawfully.

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