The Virtual Office Price List


1000 PLN



1500 PLN



1500 PLN


The Virtual Office

Within the Virtual Office service we offer:

A Prestigious Address

We provide a prestigious address in order to register a company

Correspondence Collection

We guarantee the collection of all official correspondence

The Dispatch of Correspondence

We send you the collected correspondence by mail to a given address

An Immediate Notification

We send you an immediate SMS notification of new correspondence

Scanning of Correspondence

We scan and send the files to a given email address

What Benefits Does the Virtual Office Give You?

Lower Costs

Cost saving even up to 1000 – 2000 PLN monthly

No Agreement

No lease agreement required

The Office

Very successful handling of official issues due to a long-term cooperation with officials

Secretarial Support

Full secretarial support in handling of correspondence

Do You Want to Reduce the Costs of the Newly Established Business?
Do You Need a Prestigious Address of the Company’s Registered Office?

LTD Solutions meets your demands and offers an innovative service – the Virtual Office. It is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who start a business activity. The Virtual Office is extremely timesaving because mail processing, scanning or the dispatch of correspondence is delegated to our professionals.

You can take advantage of a wide range of prestigious addresses throughout Poznań and Warsaw..

Do you have any questions?

Contact us and we will dissipate all your doubts.

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