LTD Solutions – Sale of Ready Made Companies

We create the best

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Sale of Ready Made Companies

We create the best

solutions opportunities for your


Check out the video about our offer ->

Our offer includes the following services

Ready-made EU VAT Companies

Shelf companies registered for VAT and EU VAT

Ready-made Companies – Sale

A wide range of ready-made companies with a several-year history (aged shelf companies) and licences for transport and trading liquid fuels.

Registration of Companies

Tailor-made companies – within two days we establish a company according to the customer’s requirements.

Virtual Office

Prestigious address of your company in Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław.


Our team of qualified and experienced specialists will assume formal issues of your company. We offer flexible pricing.

Foreign Companies / Offshores

We offer the financial optimisation due to foreign companies – England, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Offshore (tax heavens).

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LTD Solutions
- sale of ready-made companies
- comprehensive service

Our Company provides professional service to entrepreneurs planning or already operating in the form of a capital company. Our offer includes mainly:

  • sale of ready-made limited liability companies / joint-stock partnerships / limited partnerships / with licenses
  • registration of limited liability companies / creating “tailor-made” entities
  • virtual office service;
  • tax and legal consultancy, tax planning
  • bookkeeping
  • bank service – we help open accounts for various Polish and foreign entities
  • service for foreigners
  • foreign companies

Our extremely wide range of offers for sale includes limited liability companies, limited partnerships and foundations, the business area of which involves almost the whole territory of Poland. A possibility to purchase a ready-made entity without a necessity to complete time-consuming formalities is a solution which lets you save valuable time! Ready-made companies have all numbers required to start a business activity: KRS number (the National Court Register), REGON number (the National Business Registry), NIP (Tax Identification Number), VAT and EU VAT numbers.

Our long-standing experience in the financial sector guarantees that the service provided by our specialists, related to the sale of limited liabilities companies, registration of a company in England or establishing a company in the Czech Republic, is reliable and done with the highest care.

We do our best to satisfy our customers.

Facts About Us

Skilled workers

The company’s worth is created by our team of professional employees who are the company’s best capital.

Satisfied customers

We create our brand basing on extremely favourable opinions of our customers who often enter into a constant cooperation with us.

Knowledge supported by practice

The team consists of competent lawyers who additionally have wide experience in running their own companies.

Extensive cooperation

We cooperate with professionals of various specialisations.

Specialized team

Our team is also composed of tax advisers and accountants.

Many years of experience

LTD Solutions has specialised in trading limited partnerships, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies for many years.

Sale of Limited Liability Companies at Attractive Prices

If a registration of a limited liability company is an overly complicated legal procedure to you, we will be glad to help you, using our knowledge and experience in establishing companies. It is no coincidence that this form of business activity is so popular in our country. We provide services in the area of comprehensive registration of limited liability companies. We guarantee a completion of all legal formalities. Therefore, our customers can save the time needed to register a company. In addition, if you are interested in a purchase of a ready-made company at home or abroad, we will be pleased to help you. Foreign companies enjoy a great deal of popularity due to the optimisation and tax advantages. We offer limited liabilities companies at attractive prices and in a transparent manner.

Poznaj usługę rejestracji spółki

“Buy a Limited Liability Company” – How to Start a Business in 12 hours

Why Purchase Ready-made Limited Liability Companies?

  • A limited liability company allows to start a business activity throughout the European Union within 24 hours,
  • A limited liability company may be used for concluding agreements or issuing invoices,
  • A purchase of a limited liability company may significantly improve the financial condition,
  • Ready-made limited liability companies (shelf companies) are very useful when requesting various subsidies,
  • Limited liability companies provide a possibility to open a bank account in almost any convertible currency,
  • They feature a wide range of activities (PKD – the Polish Classification of Business Activity) with a possibility of editing them according to the customer’s request,
  • They include a possibility of creating a flexible company agreement, tailored to the requirements,
  • A purchase of a ready-made company is timesaving;

A company in England or the Czech Republic – we will help you!

We also specialise in establishing companies abroad. The advantages of running a business beyond the territory of Poland are commonly known and in the face of the increasing tax burden, growing numbers of Poles decide to register a company in England or the Czech Republic. LTD Solutions deals with all formal procedures related to establishing a limited liability company. Our range of services also includes the sale of foreign ready-made companies. If you would like to extend your business activity, enter an international market or you aim at tax optimisation of your business activity, a registration of such a company guarantees multidimensional benefits.

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